A Letter to My Fam

Since starting college, I have found my “fam”. At least, that is what we call each other. My fam and I are not blood related, but we are family by choice.

I came to school this year knowing no one. I was grateful for a fresh start but I was also scared because I was losing my support system. I was forced to trust myself and rely on my instincts being in a new place with all new people. I grew up with a great mom and I believe in how she raised me, but it was not survival that I was concerned with, it was my chosen family.

There are all of these cliché sayings about how you cannot choose your relatives but you can choose your family. And until now, I always shrugged those off as just more quotes to hang on the wall in your home.

But within only days of moving in, I found my family. My roommate (I will call her Kelly for privacy purposes), who might as well be my twin, introduced me to two of her high school friends (they will be called George and Turner for privacy reasons). Kelly, George, Turner, and I bonded right off the bat. Suddenly, and amazingly, I was accepted into their fam.

As the days went on, I became more comfortable and less lonely. The four of us are very different from one another and we all have different situations that have made us who we are but we mesh well together. I was different because I came from Atlanta and I was a different “type” per say, than the people they were used to. But George and Turner took me under their wing and Kelly became my mom away from home. (Not in a negative fashion of course, just a loving one).

My fam would do anything for each other. Even though we do not all agree sometimes and we have very different personalities, when the rubber meets the road I have no doubt they would do anything for me and I only wish that as they read this, they know I would do anything for them.

When I was injured and sick they took care of me by choice, they made sure I was ok, and they went out of their way to help me without me having to even ask.

This week I have been reflecting on how blessed I really am to have my fam. George and Turner have a suite mate (Jake for privacy reasons), and Jake also has become a part of the fam.

Many do not realize the value that friendship holds in others lives. I am so incredibly lucky to have these great roommates and people in my life because without them I would not have made it these last few weeks. Friends are the family that you choose, and friends can save you life. In college, you are surrounded by people 24/7 but it can be so lonely if you do not have a “fam” like mine. Many of my classmates that I graduated with are struggling to find that group of people that they fit in with so well. I found those people within days of moving into my new home here in college.

I can never repay my fam for what they have done for me so far, and I hope they know that I would do the same for them in  a heart beat. I hope they read this and realize how great of people they actually are because many would not have given me the time of day when I was in need.

And I hope that you, the one reading this, find your fam too. I hope and pray you find even just 1 person who makes a difference in your life when you thought you had no one. I hope you can be that person to someone else because you can make all the difference in the world.

So Kelly, Jake, Turner, and George, thank you for being my fam. Thank you for being my chosen family. And thank you for making these last few weeks fun and exciting, even in a bad situation.


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