A faith that breeds bravery

The bible talks about having a child-like faith, and I never really understood that until I witnessed it first-hand. Children have a type of faith like no other. They believe without question, and they have a hope that never dies. Teens and adults doubt, and question things all the time. We ask the “who, what, why, and where”. Kids don’t think about those things, you ask them to trust you or believe in something, and they will.

If you tell a kid who is dying of leukemia that it will be ok, they wont doubt that. If you tell a kid who is missing a leg that they can climb a mountain, they will climb the mountain. Many times adults and the peers around you have been through experiences that have made them doubt themselves and others. They almost always see the glass-half-empty because they have had life experiences that led them to believe that is how you don’t get hurt. But I have learned that having that blind faith, will help you go farther than doubt ever will.

Ever since I was a kid I was always positive, and I saw the good in everyone and everything. I always trusted and believed in people even when they hurt me. I chose to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. To be honest I was probably naive, but that was, and is, who I am.

Two years ago I was not a positive person anymore, everything was not fine, and everyone hurt me. Everyone was forcing me to do and say thing I was not ready to and everything had a dark undertone. I was in a black hole of sorrow and negativity where the “trusted” adults around me continued to push me farther into a negative mentality. I lost the faith that I had. I lost the blind trust that I gave people. I lost hope and bravery.

But somewhere between two summers ago and now, I gained my faith back. I began to see the good in people again. I began to believe the positive words I would tell people when times were hard. I started to believe my own words of hope and triumph. Everyone telling me “just be positive”, “everything will get better”, (and my personal favorite) “you’re fine just have faith”, were just empty words. I had to start to believe them for myself. I had to come to realize that I needed to take my own advice. Empty words of advice have no power. People will give advice just to give it, but they do not understand that no one will believe your words until you believe them yourself. Your words have the power to change people. But you have to have faith in your words and you have to trust yourself in what you tell others.

I learned as I got my faith back, in Jesus and in people, that I was a happier person. I started to believe that things will be ok after all. The child’s faith I had for so many years did not go away, it was just tucked away while I learned how to heal. With faith comes hope and bravery. With hope and bravery come strength and perseverance.

I want you to hear that it is ok not to be positive all the time when you’re struggling to heal. But I also want you to know that blind faith with give you back the hope you think that you lost. I want you to know that with faith breeds love, hope, and bravery.


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