Be a glow stick

It is probably something odd to think about but glow sticks have always kind of amazed me. There is a bunch of ‘magical’ liquid within this cylinder piece of plastic that must be bent and shaken to actually work. Even as a kid it just baffled me that something so plain and odd-looking must be distorted in some way to be beautiful. I think that people are the same way. Sometimes we have to break before we shine.

In the world today, we are taught from a young age to mask our pain. We are taught to keep it hidden and ‘”fake it until you make it”. But, I believe that pain is what makes us unique. Our experiences make us unique and therefore, pain is a part of that. Pain is a part of our story.

 When I felt alone and broken, many told me that I just needed to move on. They said that I should not cry or be mad. They said I needed to get over it so I would not draw attention to myself. Looking back, that hurts me to my core. Pain is real and it can take over your heart when you use all of you energy to hide it. Many days I held in tears the entire day and I would go to my room at night and explode. One I started crying I could not stop. That was my form of healing though. Everyone heals differently. Everyone expresses emotions differently and thats is ok. That is ok. 

I wish someone could have shown me what a glow stick meant. I wish someone would have told me that it is ok to be bent and broken because that is how I would shine. These words you need to hear. I want you to know that your pain is important and it is NOT meant to be swept under the rug. Be a glow stick. Let your light shine through overwhelming pain. Be the night- light you need to keep living. Stay strong.


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