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My hope is that this blog will reach each and every person who needs a helping hand. While I do not claim to be any professional writer or motivational speaker, I have had my fair share of experiences (which I will talk about in other posts) which have shaped me into who I am today. Some bad and some good, some light and some heavy. I do not wish to be a hero but  I wish to be a helper, and give a listening ear to anyone who needs a little assistance in what they are going through. Jamie Tworkowski (the founder of To Write Love on Her Arms and author of “If You Feel Too Much”) wrote that sometimes beauty comes from pain. And sometimes it takes pain to produce something beautiful in a person. To anyone who reads this and needs a listening ear or resources to help them share their story or overcome any obstacle, please comment or message me. I will not judge and your privacy is of the up most importance. I hope everyone who reads this knows that is it okay to not be ok.


One comment

  1. Deena Hanke · June 3, 2015

    I will look forward to following your blog. You are an awesome young woman with a bright future. Few people are as loving and caring as you are.


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